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Contact data:

Sylwia Czaja
ul. Traugutta 104
63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski

tel.: +48 695 795 942
email: sylwiac@gmail.com


Available black yellow puppies born on 31st of October

2019-07-04 21:57:28

We are very happy to inform about our new black and yellow litter born on 31/10/2019 from our USA import Ch Greenstone's Earl Grey At Salt Creek (currently visiting Finland, Waterline's kennel) and our Russian import girl Multi Ch Fillari Fernanda Brandao At Play Mor.

Please contact us for more details.

Puppies are available for reservation now.


Our new puppies have arrived!!!

2019-02-14 16:00:45

On 28th of January our dream litter out of Zola and Hatti has arrived. Both parents have the most amazing pedigrees and they are amazing themselfs for us as well. We would gladly leave the whole litter with us but it is not possible therefore we might have someone from this litter looking for a new home...
More details in puppies section.


We have chocolate puppies!!!

2018-12-12 14:05:18

30/11 we had a co-owned litter born from ch Play Mor BUSY BEE and our Russian Import NordniX KOOK A MANGO.


Black chocolate nad yellow pups available

2018-10-07 09:44:13


We have chocolate puppies

2018-06-22 13:23:58

on 14/06/2018 finally long awaited litter out of Zola (Multi Ch Play Mor THRILLS & FRILLS) and Hatti ( Ch Play Mor WORTH WAITING FOR arrived:)))

We have 3 beautifle girls and 3 handsome boys :))
More details and pictures here....


There will be a lot of going on this summer at our kennel.....:)

2018-05-16 15:06:49

This Spring/Summer there will be a lot of going on at our kennel. Look into our puppy section to learn more about our puppy plans....HERE.


We have pug puppies!!! :)

2018-05-09 22:36:34

More details on our Pug puppies here.


Chocolate Puppies

2018-05-09 22:28:41

Currently we have alovely 12 weeks old chocolate girl available as well as there is a litter born after our Russian import boy in our friends kenell. There will be an option to eserve a first pick boy or a girl out of this litter. For more details please contact us by email.

Currently we have a show type girl and a boy available

2018-04-03 19:44:42

Currently we have a show type boy and a girl available from O-Litter.
More pictures at 9,5 weeks you will find here.


New pictures of the puppies born 29/01/2018

2018-03-21 15:49:47


More pictures on O litter page - here.


We have a promising chocolate litter

2018-02-16 15:41:55

We still have a very nice show type babies from this litter available. Please contact us for more details.

We should still have promising show type puppy girl and a boy available.

Play Mor WORTH WAITING FOR @ 15 months

2017-12-10 19:02:34


New pictures of our babies at 4,5 weeks

2017-10-23 19:57:35

We still have some puppies available out of this litter. new pictures here.


Our sweeeeet September chocolate litter

2017-10-15 18:49:57

New pictures of the puppies and more info about the litter here.


Chocolate 6 year's old lab looking for a forever loving home

2017-10-12 20:02:20

Sue to personal reasons a family had to give away kindly natured chocolat labrador that is currently waiting with us for a forever loving home.

We are looking only for serious families that are willing to give him forever home that he deserves.

We have Pug puppies!!!

2017-06-28 21:56:59

 22 June lovely and long awaited Pug puppies arrived

Mother of our first litter is imported from Italy Multi Champion Paradiz Ronado Play Mor Amy and father of the litter is beautifle living in Italy Champion Paradiz Ronado Valentino Il Vincitore. Both parents are not only beautifle but also very healthy and free of  both PDE N/N Patella 0/0.


More information about our pug puppies here.


Planned Pug litter in June 2017

2017-06-17 22:17:23

In June we're expecting to arrive a first Pug litter in our kennel.


Show type chocolate boy available

2017-05-18 21:58:30

 6 weeks old chocolate show type boy available out of Ch Play Mor WHILE NIGHT LIGHT(Ch Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR & Jr Ch Claychalk COSTA STERLINA)


Chocolate girl looking for a new home

2017-04-26 20:29:23

We currently have a nice chocolate girl for sale. For more details please contact us.


We have chocolate puppies!!!

2017-02-05 18:08:17

17/01/2017 We had a litter born from  Int Ch Giulietta Pod Napięciem & Jr Ch, Ch Play Mor WHILE NIGHT LIGHT.

02/02/2017 We had a litter born from Ch Fillari FERNANDA BRANDO AT PLAY MOR & Multi Ch Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR.

If you're interested in reserving a puppoy from one of these combinations please contact us.
More details in puppy section.


New puppies in 2017

2017-01-28 18:57:56

At the beginning of 2017 we are expecting exciting litters from :

Int Ch Giulietta Pod Napięciem & Jr Ch, Ch Play Mor WHILE NIGHT LIGHT

And in Spring a special litter from our Multi Ch Play Mor THRILLS & FRILLS &  Ch. ???

From both litters it is possible to reserve show type boys or girls, in order to get more information please contact us by e-mail or phone.


We have two chocolate show type girls available

2016-08-21 20:35:21

We have two lovely show type girls available. More details in puppies section.


Special show type puppies available

2016-08-04 15:37:54

We currently have very promising show type puppies available. In case of interest please contact us by e-mail or phone.


We have a show type male available

2016-03-29 21:08:27

He is Prcd-PRA, EIC, HNPK clear by parentage and both parents HD A, Ed 0/0.


We're 7 days old already!!!

2016-02-21 21:11:16


More pictures at 7 days in puppies section.

We have chocolate puppies!!!

2016-02-03 09:04:12

01.02.2016 we had a litter of 11 chocolate puppies born. We have 7 boys and 4 girls. If you're interested in reserving a puppy from this litter please contact us.

Chocolate litter expected at the beginning of February

2016-01-11 23:58:08


We have new puppy plans for Autumn/Winter 2015

2015-07-28 12:28:43

for more info please contact us directly.

We have a new chocolate litter born on 4th of March 2015

2015-03-25 19:14:53

Current litter was born on 4th of March and the parents are : Multi Ch Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR and Multi Ch GIULIETTA Pod Napiaciem. The puppies will be EIC & Prcd-PRA clear by parentage. Both parents are HD, ED clear and the father is additionally tested for HNPK and HLMR with perfectly clear results.


We have a new Champion

2015-03-18 06:58:21

It was a fantastic end of 2014 show season for us today at National Dog Show in Swiebodzice!!!!!
My Jr Ch Play Mor THRILLS & FRILLS (Int Ch Stenveyz GET POPULAR & Ch Cedarwood PLAY MOR SKYES T LIMIT) has finished her POLISH CHAMPION title..... Yupiiiii!!!


Lovely chocolate girl looking for a show home

2014-11-16 00:57:15

Right now there is a beautiful 6 weeks old chocolate girl available after Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR that is looking for a nice show home. She is Prcd-PRA & EIC clear.


27/09/2014 International Dog Show Tulln, Austria

2014-11-07 09:19:58

Lovely day at today's IHA Tulln 27/09/2014 - Bundessiegerausstellung!
Judge : Angela Hancock
Pl, Ro Ch Claychalk Costa Sterlina (co-owned Karol Becki) - excellent 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB, Crufts 2015 Qualification!!! She has also started her Inter CH!!! Congrats to her breeder Frank Gilroy and thank you to the judge!!

Jr Ch Play Mor THRILLS & FRILLS - open class, excellent, rCACA

13-14/11/2014 Dracula Golden Trophy Shows Romania

2014-11-06 20:33:06


We’re back from a lovely weekend at Dracula Golden Trophy Shows in Romania where we met some nice new friends as well as polish friends Great time and some new titles….

JrRoCh Play Mor WHILE NIGHT LIGHT (11 months old)
1st in Junior class, CACJ, BEST JUNIOR, BOS
1st in Junior class, CACJ, BEST JUNIOR, Crufts 2015 Qualification!!!!!
He is now Junior Romanian Champion!!

JrPl, Pl Ch, Ro Ch Claychalk Costa Sterlina
6x CAC
2x r.CACIB
She is now a Romanian Champion!!!

Pl,Bul,Cy Ch Giulieta Pod Napięciem
4x CAC
1x BOG2
Crufts 2015 Qualification!!!!
She is now a Romanian Champion and started her Inter Ch!!!

Retrievers Club Show & Retrievers National Show 06-07 Sept 2014

2014-09-16 22:30:46

Barbara Krumpak (Breeder/Judge, kennel Tylah)
Jan Roger Sauge (Breeder/Judge, kennel Mambrinos)

Retirevers National Show
Play Mor WHILE NIGHT LIGHT (11 months) placed 1st in junior class, BEST JUNIOR, BIS JUNIOR!!!!!
Play Mor THRILLS & FRILLS placed 2nd in intermediate
Claychalk Costa Sterlina placed 2nd in champion class (co-owned with Karol Becki)

Retrievers Club Show
Play Mor THRILLS & FRILLS, placed 1st in Intermediate class out of 14 in class!!!!
Play Mor WHILE NIGHT LIGHT, placed 2nd in junior class
Claychalk Costa Sterlina placed 2nd in Champion class (co-owned with Karol Becki)

vox czestochowa

2014-09-16 22:15:54

judge: Monika Parasyn
Ch GIULIETTA Pod Napieciem (co-ow. Gosia, Radek Szmaj) - champion class, 1st, BOB, BOG 4 !!!!
Jr Ch Play Mor THRILLS & FRILLS - open class, 2nd
Play Mor BELIEVE N MIRACLES (owner. Gosia Majcher) - placed first in minor puppy class, BOB Minor Puppy!!!


Scherb is a new USA CHAMPION!!!

2014-07-01 20:23:10

Dreams do come true!!!!!
We're so happy to share the recent news from USA on our Scherb who has just finished his AKC CHAMPION with 4 majors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Words can't describe how thankful we are to Els Crisafulli and Carol Johnson Forsythe Labradors who take such a great care of him during his holidays in USA - girls you're both AMAZING!!
Congrats to the breeder Tatiana Levkina who entrusted us with this special boy as well as again big thank you to Siv Sandø who noticed him when he was just starting his career in Poland...!!
We both with Konrad Bylicki want to thank all who believed in him along the way!!

Sherb will be staying with Els & Carol in US until 2015, than he will be coming back home!


Chocolate Team at National Dog Show in Kalisz 08/06/2014

2014-06-09 22:39:08

From the left:
BREAK Z Jesiennych Brzoz - placed 2nd in open class (Labry Berry Scherbet At Play Mor & Meggi Z Galewic)
Claychalk Costa Sterlina - placed 1st in open class
Play Mor GENEVIEVE - placed 2nd in junior class
Play Mor WHILE NIGHT LIGHT - 1st in puppy class, Best puppy
Play Mor WILD ABOUT COSTA STERLINA - 1st in puppy class, BOB puppy
BARBETTA Z Jesiennych Brzoz - open class very good, (Labry Berry Scherbet At Play Mor & Meggit Z Galewic)
FIRE N ICE PLAY MOR Teczowy Gaj - placed 3rd in intermediate class (Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR & RASTI Zebra)
Thanks Christian Wehr for this lovely picture!
Congratulations to everyone!!


Play Mor WHILE NIGHT LIGHT - 8 months

2014-06-09 22:28:45

(Ch Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR & Ch Claychalk Costa Sterlina)


EIC : N/N (by parentage)

Optigen : Normal/Clear (by parentage)

HNPK : N/N - Clear (by parentage)

Myopathy (HMLR) : N/N - Clear (by parentage)

Heart Doppler : Clear

EEbb = pure for chocolate (does not carry yellow)

We have 2,5 weeks already

2014-05-11 15:08:30



More pictures at 2,5 weeks here.

New pictures of your pups from Ida & Rock

2014-04-21 23:41:22


New pictures of the puppies at almost 2 weeks you'll find here.


Our new puppies

2014-04-10 23:43:00

On 08/04/2014 our lovely litter of 12 chocolate pups arrived - 6 boys 6 girls.
(Multi Ch Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR & Play Mor DAY IN THE SUN)
pups will be Prcd-PRA & EIC Clear by parentage


We have puppies!!:)

2014-03-28 00:40:47

On March 14 there was a full chocolate litter born in our kennel out of Multi Ch Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR & Ch GIULIETTA Pod Napieciem.

For more information click here.


New heart doppler results of our dogs

2014-03-12 21:47:05

We're very happy to announce the following test results of our joungest edition team members...:)))

Multi Ch Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR - Heart Echo Clear

Rock's son Play Mor WHILE NIGHT LIGHT - Heart Echo Clear 

and our 17 months old girl Jr Ch Play Mor THRILLS & FRILLS - Heart Echo Clear 

New boy in out team

2014-02-11 11:46:57

Our new boy is now 4 months


Chocolate puppier after Multi Ch Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR

2014-01-04 13:07:11

There are two litters planned after our USA Multi Ch Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR. Pups will be available to move to their new homes at the beginning of May and in caso of second litter end of May. There is a possibility to reserve a first pick girl or a boy from these litters. If you're interested in more details please feel free to contact us.  


Chocolate puppies Autumn 2013

2013-12-15 18:05:47

We currently have some beautifle puppies out of our Multi Ch Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR & Jr Ch Claychalk COSTA STERLINA
more information here


We have a new champion!!!

2013-09-24 23:20:47

Bulgaria Ch, Bulgaria Grand Ch, Cyprus Ch & Georgia Ch


Chocolate puppies after USA Imp Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR

2013-07-20 18:37:33


Available puppies after our boys

2013-05-22 12:26:25

Currently there is a possibility to reserve a first pick puppy from the litters after our boys Scherb & Rock. If you should be interested in more details or reservation you're welcome to contact us.

International Dog Show Dresden CACIB 27/04/2013

2013-05-17 00:58:50


judge : Lene Johansen (DK)

Labry Berry SCHERBET AT PLAY MOR - placed 4th
Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR - placed 3rd
Claychalk Costa Sterlina - placed 2nd
Play Mor THRILLS & FRILLS - placed 1st, BOB PUPPY!!!


New test results of our dogs!!

2013-04-09 15:52:49

Myopathy (HMLR) - N/N

Claychalk Costa Sterlina
Prcd-PRA - N/N
EEbb - pure for chocolate

New pictures of the pups at 4 weeks

2013-03-19 23:48:32


Soon more pictures at 2 weeks old....

2013-03-02 23:32:16


New pictures of our babies - 7 days old

2013-03-01 22:03:05


More pictures here.

Ida & Rock

2013-03-01 21:36:34


New test results

2013-02-22 20:26:40

What a wonderfull news!!! We have just received new test results of our team...:))
Labry Berry Scherbet At Play Mor
Myopathy : N/N (Clear)
HNPK : N/N (Clear)
prcd-PRA : N/N (Clear) 

We have puppies!!!

2013-02-20 21:43:55


On Feb 20th we had a lovely litter of 10 pups born( 9 girls and a boy). If you're interested to adopt one of the girls please feel free to contact us.


Rock & Ida - parents of the expected litter - Feb 2013

2013-01-27 21:36:52


USG picture Ida & Rock - pups to arrive in 2'nd part of February 2013

2013-01-22 02:18:14


Labry Berry SCHERBET AT PLAY MOR already back in Poland

2013-01-22 02:07:49

After a wonderfull adventure in Norway with Siv Sandø, Scherb is back with us in Poland. His name is now SE(U)Ch, NUCh Labry Berry Scherbet At Play Mor. We're sooo happy....:)))) Siv, thank you soo much for taking such a great care of him!!:)... Lene thank you for your help with coordination of our trip back...:))) 


Puppy plans for February 2013 - pregnancy confirmed!!!

2013-01-03 10:54:04

We're planning a litter in mid February 2013 out of Play Mor DAY IN THE SUN & Imp US Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR. More information in planned litters section. 

New Photos

2012-11-04 23:37:41


We've added new pictures of Ida, Iton and Alpina made November 4th.


National Dog Show in Rybnik 07/10/2012

2012-10-17 23:12:00

Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR - working class, excellent-1, Winners Dog, BOS!!!


Scherb is now a Norwegian Champion and Crufts 2013 qualified!!!

2012-09-03 00:41:22


We have chocolate puppies!!!

2012-06-22 00:44:15

On June 20th there were born chocolate pups after Play Mor DAY IN THE SUN & Multi Ch Chablais Sable Blue Cramelo.
Inquires are welcome.


Pregnancy confirmed!!! - we're expecting chocolate puppies

2012-05-26 21:33:13

The ultrasound examination has confirmed our Play Mor DAY IN THE SUN is pregnant! Therefore in the middle of June we will be expecting chocolate pups to be born. More information in the puppies page.

We have a new champion!!!

2012-05-26 21:10:07

Our young Molly (Claychalk Costa Sterlina) has just achieved her junior Polish Champion title!!!


Wonderfull debut of our Labry Berry SCHERBET AT PLAY MOR in Norway

2012-05-01 10:20:24

Dog Show at Verdal, Norway 27.04.2012
judge; Eivind Mjærum (Norway)
excellent-1, CC, Best Male!!!!!!!!!
Dog Show at Verdal, Norway 28.04.2012
judge: Vidar Grundetjern (Norwegia)
excellent-1, CC, Best Male, Best Opposite!!!!!!

Thank you Siv!!!!!:)

Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR new photos at 11,5 mts

2012-04-29 11:43:03

Our hope...:) more pictures at his page


Labry Berry SCHERBET AT PLAY MOR 'Scherb"

2012-04-08 11:18:36

Just took of for his Norvegian adventure...
And that's him during his last walk in Poland before took the plane with Siv Sando to Norway. 20,5 mts old.


International Dog Show Katowice 17/03/2012

2012-03-18 11:01:11

intermediate class, excellent, placed 1st, CAC!!!
(...he just need's a space of time to finish his Pl Ch !!!!!)

junior class, excellent, placed 3rd


First chocolate puppies after Labry Berry SCHERBET AT PLAY MOR

2012-03-14 20:01:19

At the beginning of March there were first chocolate puppies born after our young imported boy. There is a possibility to reserve a first pick chocolate female from this litter.

Great news for our youngest team members

2011-12-16 00:23:41

Claychalk Costa STERLINA - preliminary HD A
Cedarwood PLAY MOR SO MUCH MOR - preliminay HD A

Labry Berry SCHERBET AT PLAY MOR - HD A, ED 0/0!!!


....definitely a good day!!!:)

International Dog Show Poznan 23.10.2011

2011-10-24 19:34:55

What a day!!!!

Judge ; Jean Lanning (GB)
Cedarwood PLAY MOR SKYES T LIMIT - placed first in open class, CAC,
isn't it a nice style to finish an adult Polish Championship?!:)

Claychalk Costa Sterlina - placed first in puppy class, Best Puppy in Breed!!!


National Hunting Dogs Show

2011-10-24 19:25:23

Judge; Jerzy Olszewski
Claychalk Costa STERLINA - placed first in puppy class, BEST PUPPY
Play Mor DAY IN THE SUN - placed first in open class, CAC, WINNERS BITCH
Labry Berry SCHERBET AT PLAY MOR - placed second in junior class

New pictures of our yellow and black puppies

2011-06-27 00:19:39


We have a new black & yellow litter

2011-06-16 23:58:39

On June 11th 2011 there where beautifle black and yellow puppies born. More information about this litter here.
Reservations are being accepted now!!! 


New pictures of our chocolate puppies

2011-06-15 22:48:25


more pictures here

National Retriever Show Bytom 2011

2011-05-22 16:47:33


Under breeder judge : Jan Roger Sauge (Kennel Mambrinos)

Labry Berry SCHERBET AT PLAY MOR - junior class, excellent-2
Cedarwood PLAY MOR SKYES T LIMIT - intermediate class, excellent-1, CAC, Winnere Bitch, Best of Breed , Best In Show-2 !!!

We have chocolate puppies!!!

2011-05-02 23:22:28

On May 1st there were chocolate puppies born in our kennel.  More information in our puppies section.


XXX International Dog Show Opole 30.04.2011

2011-05-01 11:24:57

At yesterday's Dog Show in Opole we have attained the following achievements:

Judge: Penny Carpanini (UK, Carpenny Labradors)
Labry Berry SCHERBET AT PLAY MOR ( only 9 months) - junior class, vp III
Judge: Gunilla EK (Sweden, Attikonak Labradors)
Cedarwood PLAY MOR SKYES T LIMIT - intermediate class, vp I, CAC, Res CACIB!!! (which means to compleate her adult championship she needs only a space of time) :))

National Dog Show Czestochowa 17.04.2011

2011-04-19 20:02:01

Judge: Kjell Svensson (Sweden)
Labry Berry SCHERBET AT PLAY MOR - puppy class vp 1, Best Puppy!!!

Judge: Lena Hagglund (Sweden)
Cedarwoods PLAY MOR SKYES T LIMIT - intermediate class, vp 1, CAC, Winners Bitch!!!


IV International Dog Show Rzeszów

2011-02-22 22:50:17

What a day...!!!
Judge: V. Pogodina (Ukraine)
Ida - intermediate class, excellent II,
Scherb -  (first dog show in his career, he's only 6,5 months old) Puppy Class, Very Promising I, BOB Puppy, BIS I Puppy!!!


Foto thanks to Pawel Dubiel (www.paweldubiel.com.pl). A Big Thank You ! :)

Yellow female looking for a pet home

2011-02-07 22:29:54


Currently we have available one yellow female available for a pet home. Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes in the second half of February.
At the picture 5 weeks old.

We're 10 days old

2011-01-08 22:04:38


More pictures in puppy section.

30.12.2010 We have yellow puppies

2011-01-01 19:12:40


We're expecting a first yellow litter

2010-11-29 22:36:16

At the end of the year we're expecting to have a first yellow litter in our kennel. More information about this litter and first ultrasound picture in the puppy section. The mother of this litter will be our beautifle Remi.

Reservations are being taken now!


Our newest edition

2010-11-19 19:17:08

27 days old on the picture


Retriever Speciality Dog Show Czerniejewo 2010

2010-09-19 21:08:17


Last Saturday on the Retriever Speciality Dog Show our chocolates did a great job!

Play Mor DAY IN THE SUN intermediate, excellent, 3rd, (14 girls in stake)
Cedarwood PLAY MOR SKYES T LIMIT junior, excellent, 3rd, ( 20 girls in stake!!!)
Play Mor UP IN THE AIR  baby, very promising, 4th
Under breeder judge Jackie Hodge ( kennel Naiken - Great Britain)


National Dog Show in Chorzów 12.09.2010

2010-09-13 23:29:11

It's a great pleasure to present the results of a recent National Dog Show in Chorzow.
Judging DVM and FCI judge Jan Ryk.

Play Mor DE MENTHE - intermediate class, place I, gold medal, CAC
(the rate of 10 bitches !!I)
Congratulations to M.A.W.and of course to Luka!!!

What a weekend!!!

2010-08-24 01:08:28

22.08.2010 Retriever National Dog Show & Hunting Dog Show

Hunting Dog Show
Kate Crosby - Ireland
Play Mor DAY IN THE SUN, intermediate class, v 1, Winning Bitch !!! (Our Ida recived BOB Bitch title, she give up the BOB  to our Deli:))) (Ida has just 16 months!)
Cedarwood PLAY MOR SKYES T LIMIT, junior class, v 1, Best Junior, BOB, BOG II !!!

Retriever National Dog Show
Jim Crosby - Ireland
Cedarwood PLAY MOR SKYES T LIMIT, junior class, v 1, Best Junior, BIS JUNIOR !!!! (she has just 11 months!)

We're extremely proud of our young girls!!!
Thank you Diann for this lovely girl!!!
more pictures soon


X-ray results

2010-08-07 23:24:58

At the beginning of August we had our young girls X-rayed against hip and elbow displasia. We're extremely happy to announce that both of them Remi ( Rama z Sarniej Góry) and IDA (Play Mor DAY IN THE SUN) have perfect hip as well as elbow joints - HD/A and ED/00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New pictures of our puppies at the age of 5,5 weeks

2010-06-26 22:54:27


Hodowla, wychowanie, żywienie - Anna Marek

2010-06-08 19:30:03


This is shurely a "must have" book for all of those who love dogs.
I would like to proudly announce that in the above book you will find many photos of the dogs from our kennel.

We have already 2,5 weeks

2010-06-05 15:19:07

More pictures in puppy section!!


The puppies finally arrived!!!

2010-05-18 23:39:52

Alpina-Teddy first hours

On Tuesday May 18th there were 4 chocolate puppies born in our kennel ( two boys and two girls). Mum as well as the little ones are doing great! More photos soon....

Still waiting....

2010-05-16 21:00:04

Alpi 62nd day of pregnancy

National Dog Show in Bydgoszcz April 2010

2010-05-14 16:33:30

Our girls had an opportunity to present themself at the National Dog Show in Bydgoszcz. This time our Play Mor DAY IN THE SUN was III in youth class and Cedarwood PLAY MOR SKYES T LIMIT again won the puppy class and was awarded the Best Puppy in Breed!!
Pictures can be found in our gallery.

The first ultrasound picture of the puppies

2010-04-16 20:51:21


It's a pleasure to inform that our Alpinas babies had today their first ultrasound picture done.
They have almost 4 weeks. The picture is available to in the Puppies section.

International Dog Show Katowice 2010

2010-04-03 17:00:26

On the last International dog show in Katowice our Cedarwood PLAY MOR SKYES T LIMIT (Deli) was described as very promising, won in the puppy class and was the BOB Puppy!!


National Dog Show in Drzonków, 7th March 2010

2010-03-08 21:38:58


Last weekend our Cedarwood PLAY MOR SKYES T LIMIT was shown for the first time in baby class, being described as very promising puppy WON the Baby class!!! She had also a possibility to present herself in the BIS puppy comparision.

Our young Play Mor DAY IN THE SUN was shown for the first time in youth class where she was 2nd, Rama Z Sarniej Gory was IVth in intermediate class!!



2010-02-11 22:09:45

Okecie Airport Deli

At the end of November we welcomed a new girl in our kennel. We would like to thank those that helped us along the way to ensure Deli's safe arrival in Poland.

More information at Deli's page.

Okecie Airport

Winter 2010

2010-01-29 20:06:27

New photos in our gallery.


National Dog Show in Nowa Ruda 5.12.2009

2009-12-05 15:35:41


Play Mor Team

2009-11-15 23:19:57


International Dog Show Kielce 15.11.2009

2009-11-15 14:47:12


Today our litter sisters Play Mor DAY IN THE SUN and Play Mor DE MENTHE had an opportunity to meet in the show ring. Shown for the first time in the puppy class were described as very promising puppies and were placed ;
Play Mor DAY IN THE SUN, very promissing, II
Play Mor DE MENTHA, very promissing IV, ( Michal and Luka - great work!!!) :)

More pictures in our gallery.

05.09.2009 first RTG - Play Mor DAY IN THE SUN

2009-09-15 03:23:46





When our Ida finished 5 months of age, we went to Dr. Ciszewski to have the first preliminary X-ray of the hip joints done. How great was our joy when it turned out that Ida has the ideal hip joints, and thus is free from hip dysplasia!!!

New photos in our gallery

2009-08-21 14:48:06


Powiedz STOP odstrzałom

2009-06-26 15:35:21

W Polsce nielegalnie odstrzeliwuje się psy i koty. Często dzieje się to podczas ich spaceru z właścicielem. Robią to pseudomyśliwi, którzy z różnych powodów pozostają bezkarni. Pomóż zmienić nam ten stan. Pamiętaj, jeżeli idziesz do lasu, na pola nawet niewiele oddalone od zabudowań to możesz spodziewać się, że ktoś użyje przy Tobie broni. Chcemy czuć się bezpiecznie i mieć pewność, że możemy ochronić siebie i nasze zwierzęta przed cierpieniem. Naszym celem jest: by bezbronne psy i koty, nie były odstrzeliwane przez pseudomyśliwych. Tylko działając razem możemy zmusić środowiska myśliwskie do samoregulacji, a sejm i senat do zmiany obowiązujących przepisów. http://www.stopodstrzalom.pl/

Last walk...

2009-05-29 23:16:37


Little ones are already 7 weeks old...

2009-05-24 23:39:53


Krajowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych Bytom 2009

2009-05-20 00:29:14

Play Mor PIECE OF GLORY lok I, NDSwR, BOB!!!


Jest nam niezmiernie miło poinformować, iż Play Mor PIECE OF GLORY (córka Alpiny i Itona) w ostatnie weekend odniosła niesamowity sukces!!! Izis miała okazję zaprezentować się w klasie pośredniej, zdobywając I lokatę, złoty medal a także tytuł Najlepszej Dorosłej Suki w Rasie oraz Zwycięstwo Rasy!
Ogromne podziękowania i gratulacje dla dumnych właścicieli Izis!

Today the puppies have turned 4 weeks

2009-05-03 19:33:12


First walk...more pictures in the puppies section

2009-05-01 23:28:52


Photos of the little ones at 3 weeks

2009-04-27 23:20:33





More pictures in puppies section.

New pictures of our chocolates - today they have turned 2 weeks!

2009-04-19 17:48:23




You can have look at the pictures in the puppies section.(...or click here)

New photos of the puppies - today they are 2 days old.

2009-04-07 17:26:38


We have puppies!!!

2009-04-05 19:30:11


Today Alpina became a mother of nine beautifle little ones. We have 6 girls and 3 boys - all of them are chocolate!!! It is a very promising litter, both parents are champions and have a wonderfull typicall to the breed temperament. Everyone who's interested in adopting a exeptional lab puppy is welcome to make a reservation.


Counting...few more days to go...

2009-03-28 19:08:33



The newest picture taken at 8th week of pregnancy.
Alpina is doing great ...7 days to go...


First ultrasound picture of our puppies taken on Marz 2nd 2009

2009-03-02 15:59:03

I'm happy to announce that today's ultrasound examination has confirmed Alpina's pregnancy!!! We're expectind a full chocolate litter around April 4th 2009! The little ones will be ready for new homes around May 23th.

Take a look at  the picture in puppies section!

Chocolate Puppies

2009-01-30 01:43:46

It's a great pleasure for me to announce, that Ch Pl Alpina Imbierowa Sława has been bred to great Ch Sk My Faith Tankaram hopefully we will be expecting a promising chocolate litter at the beginning of April. More information soon in puppies section.


Play Mor PANNA COTTA at 11 months

2009-01-28 23:16:24

New pictures of one of ALPINA's daughters living in Germany.
Thank you Nicol & Sasha for the beautifle pictures!


August 28th - Play Mor PANNA COTTA in TV VOX Wildes Kinderzimmer!!!

2008-09-18 17:39:52


Dog Show in Straubing, Germany 07.09.2008

2008-09-16 23:08:48


48th National Dog Show Chorzów 14.09.2008

2008-09-16 00:49:50


At the last national dog show in Chorzow our girls have had some more successes...
ALPINA shown in champions class was placed 1st, CAC.
Zovi in the open class was placed 3rd.
Moreover they've received wonderfull descriptions from the judge!!!

National Dog Show in Torun 17.08.08

2008-08-17 18:52:28


Opening of the duck hunting season - 15.08.08

2008-08-15 19:14:42

Długo wyczekiwany przez nasze labradory sezon polowań na kaczki otwarty!!!

Koło Łowiekie nr 8 - ITON, ZOVI, ALPINA i MASHA(zaprzyjaźniony wyżeł niemiecki) miały dziś pole do popisu. Nasze psy z niesamowita pasją i skutecznościa podnosiły kaczki z szuwar i wody. Przeszkodą nie była nawet ponad 150 m odległość i nurkowanie kaczki. Skuteczność 100%!


2008-08-10 11:41:04

Z ogromną przyjemnością pragnę poinformować, iż szczenięta z pierwszego miotu z naszej hodowli zaczynają odnosić już sukcesy wystawowe...!!


2008-08-07 12:49:26

Kolejny sukces a zarazem debiut jednego z naszych najmłodszych wychowanków!

Tym razem Play Mor PONT USE na wystawie Międzynarodowej w Sopocie zdobył ocenę wybitnie obiecującą oraz I lokatę. Mamy nadzieje że jest to dopiero początek kariery młodziutkiego bo zaledwie 6 miesięcznego Pontusa!!!